KINGNICE offers a range of oil water separators designed to effectively separate oil and water, preventing cutting fluids from becoming corrupted and extending their service life.

Our Oil Water Separation device is suitable for all types of machine cutting fluids and can effectively remove oil slicks through oil-water separation, increasing the lifespan of the cutting fluid.

KINGNICE offer Filtration Separation System, designed for the treatment of fine powder and cutting fluid wastewater. Our Filtration Separation System allow for the liquid to circulate, filter, and purify, achieving filtration separation and extending the service life of both the liquid and processing machines.

By improving processing accuracy and avoiding secondary discharge of sewage, our Filtration Separation System offer an environmentally-friendly solution for your needs.

KINGNICE offer Sump Cleaning Machine - the solution to removing bottom mud and chips in your water tank. Our machine is suitable for various metals, alloys, and non-metallic materials. By connecting to a wind source, it can easily suck out debris without stopping the working machine.

Our Oil Chip Separator utilizes vacuum negative pressure to easily and efficiently dry and remove crumbs. Trust us to provide reliable and efficient sump cleaning solutions for your processing operations.