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Drilling & Tapping Center/ CNC 5Axis Gantry Machining Center

The invisible world champion of Taiwan hand tools! The hand tool industry of OEM wrenches and pliers earns US$4 billion in export value for Taiwan every year.
Standing firmly among the top three exporting countries in the world, Taiwan is one of the most important industries in Taiwan. It is also known as the "hand tool kingdom" globally. Nearly 70% of the hand tool industry is concentrated in Taichung and Changhua.

KingNice oil-water separator, it can filter suspended solids and other impurities, avoid backwashing to damage the surface of the motor and workpiece, reduce labor costs and cleaning time for replacing cutting fluid, and save waste oil recovery processing costs.
KingNice coolant tank bottom chip filter machine, it can easily recover oily, water-based, cutting fluid level, floating chips, water tank bottom chips, bottom mud... etc.

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