To improve the stench of the factory environment.
To prevent employees' health damage.
To avoid environmental fines.
Take the air pressure drive way,to avoid pubilc security problems.

Clean easy

Patented technology-special dehydration drying method,can clean CNC water tank.processing liquid,sludge can also be a short time to cleat.

Reduce the cost of CNC machanical downtime and operations.

Low cost, mobile design and easy installation, which can reduce the waste of waste water and sludge and reduce the cost of supplementing cutting fluid.



TPM media module

Patented T.P.M Description Unique patent TPM media module physically accelerates the separation of oil and water. When the oil molecules through the medium module, the small molecules condense into large molecules condense into floating oil. When suspended particles hit the media module, due to increased surface area and tilt angle, is conducive to the rapid sedimentation of suspended particles, oil and water separation procedures time is short, with a high efficiency . Physically accelerate the separation of oil and water.

TPM patent advantage

Through the patent TPM media module media filter technology and special structure design, the emulsified oil can be filtered and intercepted at one time, the waste liquid penetration rate is reduced by 50%, and the interception rate is effectively increased by more than 15%.

  • The small molecules condense into large molecules condense into floating oil by T.P.M
  • Introduction of columnar shunt can increase the impact area and number of water flow, which is beneficial to the rapid settlement of suspended particles.
  • Oil and water separation time and procedures are shortened, work efficiency is improved, and environmental engineering design can be widely applied.

ANSYS Fluid Dynamics Report

Momentum and Mass


Oil Volume Fraction


KN-SFS Floating type liquid collect device

Cutting liquid level separation and recovery device The cutting oily liquid floating ,will flow into the preset through-hole to solve the oil problem and the missing, to achieve environmental protection and pollution, and to recover liquid of different specific gravity.
The KN-SFS device is used to suck the oil floating in the surface into the filter tank. The oil and water separation and procedure are short and highly efficient, filtration of the TPM the separation of oil, water and impurities; Separation structure and waste liquid separation device", many manufacturing industries have waste liquid, which can be separated by the waste liquid to generate complex turbulence, improve the chance of contact and collision with the chamfer surface, thereby improving the separation oil and the efficiency of residue impurities.

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