Traditional CNC oil skimmer use mechanical principles, but they are slow and have limited efficiency. KingNice oil-water separator uses a special media module to quickly separate oil and coolant, ensuring that water resources are not polluted and reusing resources at the same time.

Cutting fluid is mixed with water and slide oil for a long time, which produces aerobic bacteria and anaerobic bacteria, causing the water quality to deteriorate and become sticky. The CNC oil-water separator is a device that separates oil and water, making the cutting fluid less susceptible to corruption and extending its service life. The cutting fluid oil-water separator is small, efficient, energy-saving and does not take up space.
For the treatment of fine powder and cutting fluid wastewater, the liquid is circulated, filtered and purified, extending the service life of the liquid and processing machines, improving processing accuracy and avoiding secondary discharge of sewage.
The chip suction filter cycle machine is also called a sludge cleaning machine. It solves the problem of bottom sludge and bottom chips in the water tank. It is suitable for various metals, alloys and non-metallic materials. It can be started when connected to the air source. It absorbs one in and one out, and the working machine does not need to be shut down. , vacuum negative pressure principle, simple drying, easy to vacuum coolant sump and chip removal.


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