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It can effectively separate the slide oil, foreign matter oil, etc. on the surface of the water tank.Reduce the foul smell produced by the fusion of cutting fluid.

Reduce oil mist and liquid fly raf ts causing grease on machinery and workpieces.Free from skin irritation and allergies.

No need to discharge, can reduce the amount of waste oil and wastewater treatment.


Coolant purify machine reduce workpiece corrosion, rust, improve machining accuracy and extend tool life.

Purify cutting fluid to stabilize its quality, extend life and improve processing efficiency.

Filter impurities such as suspended solids to prevent backlash from affecting the surface of the motor and the workpiece.

Cost Reduction

Cnc coolant tank cleaning stop the production of anaerobic bacteria and reduce the frequency of changing cutting fluid.

Reduce the failure rate of pipe and motor blockage.

Reduce labor costs and cleaning time for cutting fluids Save processing costs for waste oil recovery.

Customer witness

Every time , go to the end of the year, it is a headache to clean the tank.Fortunately,there are products of KING NICE’s KN-V200, saving time and easy to use.

Since the use of KING NICE’s KN-PLUS, the odor of the environment has been greatly reduced, and the oil mist is reduced when the machine is operated, and the skin is no longer allergic!

Every time need to change the coolant or clean the tank, the machine needs to be shut down,resulting in reduced production capacity and labor costs. Since the use of KING NICE’s KN-I and KN-V300, it really saves a lot!

We are processing high-tech metal products with strict quality requirements. In particular, too many impurities and suspended solids in the tank will lead to an increase in product non-performing rate. Since the use KING NICE’s KN-V160, the processing quality has been greatly improved. it really saves a lot!