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How to deal with cutting fluid waste? Use KingNice Tech Co Ltd oil-water purification cycle machine to be "right"!

Many domestic large-scale machining companies use cutting fluid in large quantities, but the cutting fluid has serious environmental pollution, and its discharge has always been a headache for enterprises, especially the environmental protection law is becoming more and more stringent, and enterprises hand over the waste liquid Professional environmental protection agency treatment is also a considerable expense. So how can cutting fluid wastewater be treated to save business costs?

So how can cutting fluid wastewater be treated to save business costs?
▎Prevent rotting bacteria from cutting fluid and extend life
▎Reduce workpiece corrosion and extend life
▎Reduce the amount of waste oil and wastewater treatment to prevent environmental pollution cnc machine coolany cleaner

Environmental protection is an eternal topic of mankind. Enterprises attach importance to the recycling of cutting fluid, reduce costs and increase efficiency, energy saving and emission reduction, and reuse of resources, in order to bring true environmental protection contributions to enterprises. KingNice Tech will work with you to reduce earth pollution and save social energy.

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