Filtration Separation System


Coolant Filtration Systems

 for fine powder, cutting fluid wastewater treatment, allowing the liquid to circulate, filter and purify, filtration separation prolongs the service life of liquid and processing machines, improves processing accuracy, and avoids secondary discharge of sewage.


KINGNICE offers two filtration solutions,

CNC Coolant Filtration System

KN-V50/KN-A50 excels in removing liquid impurities, enhancing performance in various industries. Its precision CNC Coolant Tank Filter, imported from Japan, maintains processing water quality, extends machine life, and minimizes downtime.


Meanwhile, the KN-4050 is a revolutionary cnc coolant filtration system. It effortlessly recovers chips and purifies cutting fluids, earning praise for its performance.

With patented technology, it's compatible with various liquids, achieving 1-micron filtration accuracy. It's the ultimate choice for industries, including metal cutting and engineering plastics, seeking top-tier filtration and purification solutions.