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Specializing in oil-water separators, cutting fluid filtration and coolant purification machines, industrial and restaurant wastewater filtration systems, oil collection plates, filter plates, oil- water separation plates. We operate our team business with integrity and honor. Since its inception, it has been designed with superior quality and unique design to make installation easier and more stable and reliable.

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Because environmental awareness has risen, many large domestic factories have introduced green tool machines that are environmentally friendly and energy-saving, reducing environmental pollution and damage. KingNice Technology has launched the coolant cutting fluid purification treatment machine to effectively control the quality of the cutting fluid and recover the filtered waste oil, which not only improves the efficiency of the cutting fluid, but also provides better safety and protection for the environment and human health. The important role. It is an important tool for solving the troubles of customers for the business, sewage sewer system and sewage treatment water discharge facilities of many customers.

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Business philosophy:

Rugged and durable, easy to use and not change the original habits is the persistence of the KingNice Technology research and development team. Consumers suggestions and repercussions are the biggest driving force behind the continuous improvement of KingNice Technology.

Continuous research and development, sustainable management: Our goal is to provide our customers with a complete value-added service, providing a continuous and in-depth service from R&D, production, sales and after-sales services.

Business strategy:
  • KingNice adheres to the spirit of continuous research and development of new products, launches market demand products, and increases the added value of products to meet customer needs.
  • Collecting market information in various aspects and using the developed technology and patents obtained for joint development to enhance the competitiveness of products in the market.
  • KingNice has always attached great importance to environmental protection. Although the company was established shortly, the launch of the product not only strives to improve the working environment for the company, but also expects to bring the purification function to the wastewater generated by the factory, and actively promote the environmental protection concept brought by the product.
  • Actively cultivate talents and encourage employees to grow and learn at work to improve management quality.