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Heavy industry is an industry that provides the main means of production for various sectors of the national economy, such as the production of large and heavy products; uses large and heavy equipment facilities (such as heavy equipment, large machine tools, large buildings, large infrastructure, etc.); or Have complex or numerous processes. Due to these factors, the capital intensity of heavy industry is higher than that of light industry, and the business cycle of investment and employment tends to be longer.

KingNice Tech Co,.Ltd air-operated oil water coolant purification machine, it can maintain the cutting fluid's performance and functions for cooling, lubrication, rust prevention, false concentration, oil stain cleaning, corrosion (bacteria, mold), impurities... etc., and extend the service life of the cutting fluid .
With the chip cleaner of the KN-V300 processing machine, it can reduce the failure rate and processing defect rate of the mother machine, and reduce the expenditure of machine shutdown and personnel operations.

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