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Started to develop air type pneumatic oil-water separator

2013 Spr.

Officially registered and established KingNice Technology Co., Ltd.

2013 Sum.

2013. Successfully developed the first only use air type machine & plug-in-free electric oil-water purification cycle machine, and started to production and obtained the patented KN-I series.

2014 Spr.

Acquired a variety of patented KN-S series, and reported this new air type pneumatic oil-water purification machine through newspapers and magazines.

2014 Fal.

Obtained the patent in mainland China.

2015 Spr.

Obtained patent KN-PLUS series and obtained CE certification

2015 Sum.

Obtained ISO 12100 certification, NO.M.2015.103.5629.

2015 Win.

Successfully entered the North American and Japanese markets. And passed the international business credit certification.

2016 Spr.

The business has been extended to the mainland China and Southeast Asia markets, and the product-related patents have been continuously applied.

2016 Fal.

Existing factory expansion plant. The production line in the factory has increased by 2. The production capacity has increased to 80 units per month.

2016 Win.

Achieved ISO 9001 certification, NO.2639/KIN09D

2017 Sum.

Application for CITD Economic Department High Efficiency and Low Pollution Oil Water Purification Cycle Machine Development Plan.

2108 Spr.

Launches new model KN-V200 air type sludge chip saver vacuum machine

2018 Fal.

Launched a new model KN-V160 ultra-purifying separation system

2019 Spr.

launches new model KN-SI oil water & coolant purifying and KN-V50 powder ultra-purification filter.

2019 Sum.

Investment in multi-performance oil water purification machine