Brand Story

"Continuous research and development, sustainable operation" is the core concept that KingNice Technology has always adhered to. We believe that only by continuous research and development can we become the champion in the field of water oil purification and bring the best products to our customers. For sustainable business, we have different ideas. The sustainable operation that KingNice wants to accomplish is not only for the internal enterprise, but for the global environment and our next generation, comprehensive and sustainable operation.


KingNice believes that corporate social responsibility requires more than just providing job opportunities and creating wealth. It should do more for environmental conservation and social development. Early Taiwan's environmental awareness has not yet risen. When there is heavy rain, many factories will discharge the waste water. With huge rainfall and a dark sky, it is a confusing thing with our nature. It is a tragic Taiwanese industry. With the determination to bring the next generation healthy growth environment, KingNice continues to promote and improve the environmental impact of industrial wastewater. Through exclusive patented technology and concept promotion, we have been working hard on environmental issues. In addition, in the third year of operation, KingNice cooperated with Dajia Ma's children's home to help many vulnerable children in a way of adoption, so that they can get away from the unsuitable environment and have a safe place to live. . KingNice Technology cares about this land from different angles, and hopes that the future will help more children and bring greater influence to this society.