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Drilling & Tapping Center/ CNC 5Axis Gantry Machining Center

Situation: The customer is located in a well-known percussion tool manufacturer in the central part of Taiwan. The amount of grinding is large, the processing fluid is deteriorated, and the bottom chips are formed into cotton, which causes great troubles. They have been looking for solutions.

Source: The customer came to find related products at the Taichung Fair in November, and then got to know KingNice Tech. After on-site professional explanation, it is recommended to use #KN4050 ultra-purifying precision filtration cycle machine after the on-site evaluation.

▎Import: KN-4050 double-effect four-in-one
▎Can effectively filter chips and impurities
▎Control the quality of processing water tank
▎Quickly clean up fine powder
▎No maintenance is required for a long time, and it is well improved.

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