Filtration Separation System KN-A50/KN-V50

  • Gas Dynamic Type

  • Easily Recovered

  • Easily Removal

  • Liquid Filter Purification

KN-V50 / A50 Filtration Separation System, King Nice Technology not only has a large number of users in Taiwan, but also has a good reputation in the international market.

CNC Coolant Tank filter

 is a high-precision filter element imported from Japan, which can effectively filter the cutting oil and chip impurities after processing, control the quality of the processing water tank, automat clean up the fine dust, and the filter material can be Automatic notification of blocking replacement alarm, no maintenance for a long time.

This high-efficiency purification filter can ensure the quality of processing workpieces (such as tungsten steel cutters) and maintain the life of processing machines. The “Cutting Fluid Filtration” adopts the air pressure driving method to avoid the occurrence of industrial safety problems. As long as it is oil-water-related equipment, the water tank can be kept at the most efficient speed. A healthy state reduces the failure rate and processing failure rate of the processing machine. On the one hand, it can maintain the liquid capacity of the water tank and reduce the trouble of temperature rise. On the other hand, it can reduce the machine downtime and allow the machine to exert its maximum efficiency.

▎Liquid filter purification, easy removal.
▎ Patented technology - easily correspond with liquid,water-soluble and Pure-oil Auto.
▎ Processing can easily recover swarf and sediment without stopping.
▎ The highest filtration accuracy can correspond to 1 um.
▎ Solve the problem of long-term deposit on CNC water tanks such as iron chips, aluminum powder,fine sediment,etc.after machining.
▎ Abrasive powder, screw factory oil sludge, cast iron powder, lathe, milling machine,grinder, drilling machine, CNC, boring machine, planer, sawing machine, broaching machine, etc. ...)

CNC Coolant Tank filter kn-v50

Easily Recovered

Product Features
  • To solve the cutting of iron filings,aluminum powder, fine sediment...and other long-time deposition in the CNC water tank troubled.
  • Take the air pressure drive way, to avoid pubilc security problems.
  • Widely used in metal cutting, aluminum processing,grinding problems,engineering plastics Patented technology-easy to deal with oily and water-soluble cutting fluid.
  • patented technology - special dehydration drying method, can clean CNC water tank.
  • processing liquid, sludge can also be a short time to cleat.
  • the maximun filter accuracy can to 1 um.
Model Specifications
Model No. Machine Size/mm Filter/L N.W kg Max Flow/min Air Pump min presure Max Air/min Thickness Filter/um Filter
530X480X1100 360X46X300 52 100 NO NO V1: 1~3um
V2: 5~7um
V3: 10~15um
KN-A50 530X480X1100 360X46X300 52 60~80 0.4/m3 0.5Mpa