Oil and Water Separator Machine KN-I

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Oil and Water Separator Machine

, King Nice Technology said that after committing to the development of environmental protection, he deeply understands the serious environmental problems nowadays. He focuses on industrial waste oil and wastewater treatment, and concentrates on oil and water purification products. At present, the three main products include Impurities / emulsified oil and water purification cycle machine.
Oil and Water Separator Machine Applicable to all types of machine cutting fluids and scrape the oil slick oil-water separation, Removal of Oil from Water in order to increase the life of cutting water/Coolant purification system.

▎Use Value reduce the CNC machine failure rate, processing non-performing rate.
▎Water and Coolant Saving.
▎Reduce the cost of CNC mechanical downtime and personnel operations.
▎Maintain the tank liquid caoacity, reduce the temperature rise.

Oil and Water Separator

Easily Recovered

Product Features
  • Coolant Oil Separator effectively separates surface oils, such as slide oil and foreign matter oil, from the water tank, reducing foul smells caused by the mixing of cutting fluid.
  • Reduce oil mist and liquid fly rafts causing grease on machinery and workpieces.Free from skin irritation and allergies.
  • No need to discharge, can reduce the amount of waste oil and wastewater treatment.
  • Reduce workpiece corrosion, rust, improve machining accuracy and extend tool life.
  • Purify cutting fluid to stabilize its quality, extend life and improve processing efficiency.
  • Filter impurities such as suspended solids to prevent backlash form affecting the surface of the motor and theworkpiece.
  • Stop theproduction of anaerobice bacteria and reduce the frequency of changing cutting fluid.
  • Reduce the failure rate of pipe and motor blockage.
  • Reduce labor costs and cleaning time for cutting fluids .Save processing costs for waste oil recovery.
Model Specifications
Model Machine Size/mm N.W kg Capacity/L Effiency Capacity L/h Timer System Air Inflate System Unit Waste Oil Tank/L Extra Waste Oil Air Pump / min
KN-I 440X250X870 28 32 720~1200 NO NO 3.5 Optional 1.6BAR