• 2019/11/07~2019/11/11
  • Booth No. 1241
  • Greater Taichung International Expo Center (No.161 Gaotie 5th Rd., Wuri Dist., Taichung City)

"Environmental protection" is Guanjia's entrepreneurial purpose!
70% of the earth is the "ocean", which is the most important element of the life of the earth. "Water" is closely linked to our living environment. But currently 95% of river pollution comes from domestic sewage and waste oil. The cry and pollution of the oceans and rivers have seriously affected the health and environment of our next generation!
Guanjia advocates "no waste oil and waste water discharge, protects the world's first-class rod (more healthy)", and contributes to environmental pollution, releasing the daily limit of "KN-S oil-water purification cycle machine" 6 sets, only for 5 days from 11/7 ~ 11/11 of Taichung Machine Tool Show 2019. Do not miss! !

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