• Gas Dynamic Type

  • Easily Recovered

  • Easily Removal

  • Liquid Filter Purification

King Nice,s newly developed "Air type ultra-purification filtration machine" not only can easily remove chips, but also can filter and purify oily and water-soluble cutting fluids to solve customer's problems in this regard, so it is highly appreciated.
▎Liquid filter purification, easy removal.
▎ Patented technology - easily correspond with liquid,water-soluble and Pure-oil Auto.
▎ Processing can easily recover swarf and sediment without stopping.
▎ The highest filtration accuracy can correspond to 5 nano.
▎ Solve the problem of long-term deposit on CNC water tanks such as iron chips,aluminum powder,fine sediment,etc.after machining.
▎ Widely used in metal cutting, aluminum machining,grinding process,engineering plastics, etc.


Easily Recovered


Product Features

  • To solve the cutting of iron filings,aluminum powder,fine sediment...and other long-time deposition in the CNC water tank troubled.
  • Take the air pressure drive way, to avoid pubilc security problems.
  • Widely used in metal cutting, aluminum processing,grinding problems,engineering plastics Patented technology-easy to deal with oily and water-soluble cutting fluid.
  • patented technology - special dehydration drying method, can clean CNC water tank.
  • processing liquid, sludge can also be a short time to cleat.
  • the maximun filter accuracy can to 1 um.

Model Specifications

Model No. Machine Size/mm Filter/L N.W kg Max Flow/min Air Pump min presure Max Air/min Thickness Filter/um Filter
KN-V160 570X560X950 7 60 180 0.5Mpa 0.4m3 0.01um~25um SUS 304
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